IK Multimedia has unveiled a panoply of new iRig music accessories at CES 2012; we spoke to the company to see what they have to offer.

The flagship product in the line is the iRig Mix, a mobile audio mixer that you can connect to two iPads, an iPhone and an iPad, or other digital sources such as MP3 players. It's a handsome white unit that's compatible with a wide range of mixing and audio-processing apps; there's also an input for a mic or guitar.

The iRig Mix is expected to become available at the beginning of February, at a price of about $99 or 75 euros.

iRig Mix

iRig Mix

Alongside the Mix, we were shown the iRig Stomp, a floor pedal which essentially allows musicians running their audio through an iOS device to push it through an effects pedal, say, at the push of a button.

This device should hit the market in March; we were quoted an approximate price of 45 euros, or somewhere in the £30-£40 range.

Finally, we looked at the iRig MIC Cast, a nifty directional mic that slots into the top of the iPhone (or other iOS device) and helps to funnel incoming sound more accurately, trimming down on background noise in your final recording.

iRig MIC Cast

The mic rotates, enabling you to point it forwards for video interviews and the like, or face it backwards for recording your own voice for a podcast (hence the product's name) - the latter function is made easier by the inclusion of a basic iPhone table stand. There are two sensitivity settings.

The MIC Cast should be pretty affordable too, at about 29 euros. It should launch around the end of February or the beginning of March.