Kodak has introduced a plethora of digital photography products at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
The company revealed a range of new wireless digital picture frames and 10- and 8-megapixel digital cameras to be released in eight different colours. Kodak also discussed a new facial search technology designed to help users find pictures stored on their computer.

The new Kodak Easyshare Digital Picture Frames let you display changing slideshows of your favourite pictures and videos — you can even add music. Available in 10in and 8in WiFi and 8in and 7in standard versions, these easy-to-use frames ship with a remote control. Optional interchangeable faceplates help match the frame to your home's interior decoration. Prices begin at £99.99, rising to £199.99 for the WiFi-enabled 10in frame.

Kodak's Easyshare V1003 (£199.99) and V803 (£149.99) Zoom Digital Cameras are packed with 10- megapixel and 8-megapixel resolutions with 3x optical zoom lenses. With the ability to store on-camera settings and available in eight colours (with accessories to match). These colours include: pink, red, blue, purple, gold, white, silver, grey and black.

A new menu feature called 'Maintain Settings' stores preferred settings for flash, white balance, ISO and resolution between uses. It also lets users keep chosen pictures on their camera all the time for showing and sharing, without filling up internal memory.

The cameras are equipped with 2.5in LCD colour screens and a high ISO mode up to ISO 1600 for bright pictures when shooting under low-light conditions.

For PCs, Kodak is demonstrating its new Facial Search application that makes it easier to find pictures of friends and family buried on hard drives in folders and albums.