At CES yesterday we tried out Scosche's new Realm over-ear headphones, which the firm is adding to an existing line-up that includes in-ear headphones, speakers and iPhone accessories.

The Realm RH656md over-ears (or rather on-ears, as Scosche and other headphone makers market lighter, non-enclosing external models) will be launching in the US in March, and were shown off for the first time here in Las Vegas this week.

We were impressed by the strong, rich bass the RH656md headphones were able to produce - the headphones are based on 40mm drivers - and by their comfortable fit. They're also nicely light.

The Realm RH656md will cost $129 here in the US; Scosche weren't able to tell us a UK price, but assured us the headphones will launch on our side of the pond - most likely about a week after their Stateside launch, and distributed through Computers Unlimited.

Scosche Realm RH656md

Scosche were also showing off a handsome Bluetooth headphone set - definitely over-ears this time - with a wireless range of 33 feet. These too have 40mm drivers, so the sound quality should be good; but all we could establish about them was that they fit beautifully, because they weren't synced to a music player. We'll post a review just as soon as we can get our hands on a pair for testing.

Scosche Bluetooth headphones