Higher capacity music players and laptops could be on the way thanks to a new hard-disk drive from Toshiba that manages a 25 per cent jump in storage space over current models.

The new 1.8in hard-disk drive can store 100GB of information whereas current models hold a maximum of 80GB. The drives are commonly used in music players, including Apple's iPod with video, and compact laptop computers.

Toshiba plans to start mass producing the drives in January next year. The company doesn't sell them direct to end-users but to other companies for integration into their products. In the past device makers have typically incorporated higher capacity drives quickly into their own products.

The drive will be on show at the Consumer Electronic Show, which takes place in Las Vegas between 8-11 January.

Toshiba first developed a 1.8in drive in 2000. The device, which was at the time the highest capacity such drive available, could hold up to 2GB of data and cost around $740 at the time. Today the drives have not only risen in capacity but also fallen in price to the point where an Apple iPod, which includes an 80GB drive and colour screen, costs £259.