Making your own Pac-Man maze is as simple as taking a pen to a sheet of graph paper, but at World's Biggest Pac-Man, you can actually make your maze, play it, and show it off to the rest of the world. Well, assuming they can find it.

Soap Creative, a web development house, created the game entirely in HTML 5, with support from Namco and Microsoft (hence the site encouraging the use of Internet Explorer 9 -- don't worry, any HTML 5 browser should see it just fine). The web site opens with a bird's-eye view of created mazes in an ever-expanding map that you can scroll and browse. Most mazes seem to be standard designs, but many people are using them to create works of art or send a message.

A series of leaderboards show worldwide statistics, such as the total number of dots eaten so far, and which country has the highest score (right now, it's the U.S.! We're number one!). And like so many other web games, World's Biggest Pac-Man can be linked to your Facebook account to track your own personal stats.

To get in on the fun, you click on a maze to play it, or click on an empty space to start constructing your own. You can only use empty spaces adjacent to a completed maze, so it's interesting to see the shape the entire map is taking.