China Mobile has said it's keen on offering the iPhone in China, but warns it isn't officially in talks with Apple.

A Reuters report explains the mobile phone network is interested in bringing Apple's must-have iPhone to China. The news follows a January statement from the company in which it characterised its discussions with Apple as having been called off.

"We have not yet officially begun talks with Apple over the iPhone problem," China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou said. "As long as our customers want this kind of product, we will keep all options open," he added.

China Mobile boasts 350 million subscribers - more than the US population.

Apple is understood to be speaking with operators in Japan, including NTT DoCoMo and Softbank.

Reuters states that the revenue sharing deal Apple has been attempting to secure with its preferred network operators has emerged as a sticking point for entry into the Far East market.

However, speaking at a Goldman Sachs investor conference last week, Apple chief operating officer, Tim Cook, said Apple "is not wedded" to its existing business model.

"We are looking at each market intelligently," he explained.