As reported by ABC, Chinese couple Li Lin and Li Juan has been apprehended by authorities after, yes, selling their three children to pay for online games. Parenting.

The couple, who reportedly met at an internet cafe in 2007, bonded over their love for online gaming, and a year later had their first child, a baby boy.

In 2009 they "welcomed" their second child, a baby girl, shortly thereafter deciding to sell her to support their online gaming habit. They did so, and earned RMB 3,000 -- a little under $500 -- later selling their firstborn child for ten times that, at RMB 30,000 (about $4600). They later had another baby boy, and sold him at the same price.

Upon their arrest, the couple claimed that they were unaware that it was illegal to sell their children for throwaway gaming funds. When asked if they'd miss their children, they responded, "We don't want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money."