It's nothing out of the ordinary for a band to play Christmas songs during the holiday season, but when those songs are performed entirely on iPads and iPhones, well, that gets our attention.

In this Santa-approved video, a small ensemble takes to the stage at North Point Community Church near Atlanta, and, using a variety of music apps, performs a dazzling medley of re-envisioned Christmas classics that could give the Trans-Siberian Orchestra a run for its money.

Among the apps the band used are SoundGrid, NLogFree, Melody Bell, two instances of Guitarist, iGog, and Bassist for "Carol of the Bells"; iGog, Bassist, two instances of Guitarist, Pocket Organ, Saxophone Musicofx, Percussions for "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"; and iGog, Bassist, Guitarist, Bebot, Pianist, two instances of Percussions, and the mighty I Am T-Pain for "Feliz Navidad".

Now sit back and enjoy some iOS-enabled Holiday cheer courtesy of the wonders of YouTube.