Speculation that the Home button could disappear from the iPad has been contradicted by images of what are claimed to be front panels for the next-generation device.

The Fix iPhones website's Repair Labs blog has published images of the front panels which clearly show a Home button. The panel is shown in both black and white, suggesting that both colours will be available.

The belief that Apple could drop the Home button on the iPad 3 was sparked by the invitation Apple sent to journalists earlier this week. As Apple normally puts a few clues into its invites, several commentators, including Cnet's Josh Lowensohn noted that there was no Home button to be seen in the image.

However, there could be a number of reasons for this - the iPad in the image could have been in landscape mode or upside down, for example - and as the whole device can't be seen in the image it is impossible to tell.

Meanwhile, Gizmodo is reporting that the name of the new device could be the iPad HD rather than the iPad 3.

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Part listings that supposedly come from accessory makers Griffin and Belkin refer to an 'iPad HD (3)', Gizmodo claims and adds that a reader had got in touch to report instances of an 'iPad HD' appearing in analytics data provided by the Tapatalk app.

TUAW reports that Best Buy stores in the US are due to receive batches of iPad 3 accessories on 11 March, which is a Sunday.