Drobo is the latest storage company to offer cloud services with its data storage products for small and medium businesses, thanks to a deal with cloud storage service Pogoplug.

Thanks to the deal, Drobo says its customers will have access to free cloud storage, remote file access and digital media streaming.

Drobo claims customers "will be able to turn their Drobo device into a multi-terabyte private cloud that provides secure, remote access to their entire digital library of documents, movies, photographs, games and music files." Drobo users will get 10GB of free public cloud storage.

"Digital media content has exploded as a major part of our lives, but requires huge amounts of storage, " says Daniel Putterman, CEO and co-founder of Pogoplug's Cloud Engines. "The partnership with Drobo delivers a seamless hybrid cloud experience for professionals and consumers alike to access and stream stored digital media and personal content."

Together Drobo and Pogoplug Cloud offer customers with large personal media files remote access to these files under the security of linking a Drobo appliance to a personal cloud, claims Drobo.

Customers interested in the new offering can find more information here.