Computer Warehouse has put an iPhone on display in its Brentford West London retail store as speculation intensifies that Apple may employ a multi-layered strategy to bring the device to the European market.

The retailer's move to demonstrate an iPhone in one of it's shops can only provide a boost to speculation as to Apple's strategy for shipping the device in Europe - and should also attract a few visitors to the shop.

The move comes as speculation continues to suggest Apple may move to a diversified supply chain for delivering the device in Europe's competitive mobile market.

While Apple holds an exclusive relationship with AT&T for the iPhone in the US, it may have chosen multiple carriers for the European market.

Apple has been previously understood to be in talks with Vodafone, T-Mobile, and Orange for making the device available here. Different mobile networks have different strengths in different European markets.

Apple has made no specific announcement on its European plans, dismissing present chatter as nothing but "rumour and speculation".

The company has promised to make an announcement on its European iPhone plan later this year.