The Amazon Kindle Fire's success in the US, and the launch of Google's £159 Nexus 7 tablet makes it clear that the major tablet makers are keen on making less expensive devices that can consume lots of content from their own branded content stores.

In fact, the success of those devices depends in large part on the variety and selection of the content available. iPad and Kindle Fire owners have plenty of content to choose from, but the Google Play store has some catching up to do before equaling the content offerings of the competition.

We wanted to include Google Play numbers in the comparison below, but the numbers Google provided us are too vague to be useful. While Apple and Amazon provide specific numbers of available titles, Google says it has "hundreds" of magazines and newspapers, "millions" of songs, and "thousands" of TV shows and movies (combined). The only real specific information we could obtain from Google: It offers more than 4 million ebooks.

Below is IDG TechHive's Amazon vs iTunes infographic, reavealing that the content race really is on between the Apple and Amazon.

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