Contour's newest helmet cam the Contour+ adds new features like clearer audio and a Bluetooth viewfinder, but it's video quality, while good, keeps it from perfection.

The Contour+ ships with three mounts, a rechargeable battery, mic adapter, mini HDMI cable and a USB cable. Also included is a 2 GB micro SD card that can hold 16 minutes of high quality 1080p video footage or 30 minutes of high quality 720p video.

In 1080p mode the camera has a 125 degree field of view and in 720p mode it has an impressive 170 degree field of view.

The wow feature on this camera is its ability to pair via Bluetooth with a cell phone and allow users to preview what the camera sees. The video is jerky and pixilated, but for lining up a shot, it's just what you need.

This is the first Contour helmet cam to include an external mic input. It allows for clear audio with minimal wind noise if you want to do a narration while moving along.

For its size the video quality is great, but keep your expectations realistic and don't count on Blu Ray quality HD from this tiny unit. The helmet cam could benefit the most from some image stabilization.

The video can be watched, edited and shared through the Contour Storyteller. It's also the only place you can view your path overtop a map as logged by the unit's GPS. The GPS is fairly accurate and acquires a signal quickly.

The body of the device has a sturdy feel and is water resistant. All of the ports are covered to keep out water, dust, sand and mud and the on/off button is much easier to activate than on previous models.

At $500 the Contour+ is really for outdoor enthusiasts. It's variety of mounts make it a flexible option to record just about any extreme sport. The mic input and Bluetooth viewfinder push it well ahead of its predecessors and competitors, but the video quality could stand for some improvement.