New software converts movies recorded on standard DVD recorders into a suitable format for the iPod.

Available for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, GreatVideo 2.1 also converts DVD recorder-recorded media into an iMovie-ready format for editing. The solution will also convert video into any QuickTime-supported video format.

The application does not convert encrypted DVDs.

The software automates the process of converting DVD recordings into a format that's usable by supported Mac apps, and does so at a single command.

GreatVideo also offers the option of converting movies into MPEG-4 files for use within iTunes. It will automatically add the converted movies to your iTunes library, from which it can be exported to an iPod.

Advanced features include selecting the compression rate, the number of key frames per second, bit rate, and colour as allowed by specific video formats.

The software will cost $79.95 when it ships before the end of November.