Evil Geniuses are speaking out about corruption at Apple Stores across America. "Apple has some serious naughty behavior problem on its hands," according to a report. If Santa Clause is reading this story we can be sure that these Apple Store workers will most definitely be on the naughty list.

Gizmodo's story is based on emails from various Apple Store sources around America (one email came from someone who claimed: "I worked in the most corrupt [store] in the UK", but this wasn't included in the round up).

One source describes the store where he worked as not just "poorly managed – it was a personal playground".

"Computers were traded for plastic surgery, iPhones were smashed like party favors, and employees outright stole from the back room for their own pleasure," according to the report.

"It was a den of misuse and abuse," claimed another source.

"Once we tried to see who could get the biggest crack [in a device]. We once tried to see who could do the most damage to an iPad," wrote another.

Working in the inventory room is described as "like a bunch of kids in detention."

"I removed a lot CPUs and hard-drives and exchanged them for cheap parts," said one source.

"When an attractive Customer comes in the store with a 'non working' iPhone majority of our managers would step up to the plate and help out." Probably connected to: "Geniuses were going though young girls computers and emailing their private photos to themselves. "

The Gizmodo report includes various snippets from emails and other documentation. Read more here.

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