More than 2,500 employees at Apple’s Brazilian Foxconn factory in Jundiai, could go on strike on 3 May over overcrowded buses, bad food quality in the cafeteria, and lack of water.

Brazilian website, Tech Guru, says that the United Steelworkers of Jundiai and Region reported that the Foxconn factories had a period of 10 days to resolve issues that were brought up in a meeting held on Monday. Those 10 days are up on 3 May, when employees will have the right to go on strike.

Tech Guru says that Foxconn recently employed more than 1000 new staff members, without providing extra transport and water to accommodate the increase in people at the factory.

It is not clear whether Apple manufactures any of its products in the affected factories, but Foxconn Brazil did not start making iPhones until recently, so it is unlikely that production of Apple’s products will suffer from the strikes.

Foxconn has also been under scrutiny about employer conditions in China, after the Apple supplier was accused of ill-treating its staff. Investigations led to an increase in wages and a cut on overtime.