A new generation of iPod-integrating climbing and outdoor equipment seems set to debut in the UK.

Leading UK outdoor brand Craghoppers has inked a deal with the Eleksen Group under which the latter firm will supply smart fabric iPod controllers for use in future product designs.

Craghoppers is widely known in the UK for using advanced fabric technology for its rugged outdoor, travel, and adventure wear.

These smart fabrics (ElekTex) are washable and integrate technologies for the control of iPods and other devices.

Previous garments integrating such technologies have offered iPod owners navigation, volume control and song selection tools, all accessed by use of soft fabric control buttons. The buttons use a unique electro-conductive fabric touch pad.

Craghoppers has confirmed it will first use Eleksen technology to produce Future, an iPod-ready walking jacket.

"Craghoppers has built a reputation for advanced technological fabrics for extreme conditions," said Robin Shephard, CEO of Eleksen. "