While the range of available content in podcast form keeps climbing, day-to-day podcast use remains relatively static, new research claims.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 12 per cent of US people who are online have downloaded a podcast - up from 7 per cent in a survey taken in February.

However, the survey results also point out that just 1 per cent of those surveyed would download a podcast on a daily basis, unchanged since February.

With 207,161,706 estimated internet users in the US, that 1 per cent figure still represents a lot of listeners.

Mary Madden, senior research specialist at the research company said: "We are at a crossroads of a major transition in the way media content is delivered and consumed."

15 per cent of online men say they have downloaded a podcast compared to just 8 per cent of online women, the report reveals. In addition, those who have used the internet for six or more years are twice as likely as those who have been online three years or less to have downloaded a podcast (13 per cent vs. 6 per cent)..