Now in his 70's, critically acclaimed, Bradford born artist David Hockney has once again been talking about his work with Apple's iPhone and more recently iPad.

Interviews at the opening of his latest show in Paris called Fleurs Fraiches, or Fresh Flowers, Hockney told the BBC: "Who wouldn't want one? Picasso or Van Gogh would have snapped one up."

The Paris show features work displayed on iPads, work created spontaneously during different parts of the day when the light and mood changes. Indeed, images on Apple's tablet devices are 'refreshed' during the course of the show, with new flowers replacing the earlier ones.

"You can make a drawing of the sunrise at 6am and send it out to people by 7am," adds Hockney, who uses his fingers and a variety of iPhone applications, including Brushes, to create the work.

"Even though some of the tools may be too advanced for the novice or amateur, they are still extraordinary and well worth exploring," insists Hockney.

Never a technophobe, previously Hockney has worked with computers, consumer cameras, fax machines, Quantel Paintbox and Photoshop, playfully experimenting with technology, exploring both the strengths and limitations each offer.

David Hockney iPad paintings

"It's a real privilege to make these works of art through digital tools which mean you don't have the bother of water, paints, and the chore of clearing things away."

"You know sometimes I get so carried away, I wipe my fingers at the end thinking that I've got paint on them."

A BBC video of David Hockney talking about his work can be seen here.

[Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent: is at 5, avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris. Exhibition entrance: 3, rue Léonce Reynaud, 75016 Paris. Métro: Alma-Marceau. Tel.: 01 44 31 64 001. Open Tuesday-Friday, 11am-6pm. Admission: €5. Through 20 January, 2011.]