Dell has confirmed it will no longer make consumer netbooks. Instead, the company will focus on developing higher-end, premium "thin and powerful" laptops, following the industry's shift to Ultrabooks.

Dell's 10-inch Mini netbooks have disappeared from sale on, Liliputing spotted recently. Instead, when you're searching for a netbook, Dell might offer you the 14-inch Inspiron 14R or the older 11-inch Inspiron 11z.

Dell's Marketing Director Alison Gardner told the tech blog that "Thin and powerful is where it is at for us."

This is hardly a big surprise to anyone, with a flood of ultrathin and powerful Ultrabooks expected to launch next month at CES, Acer betting big on Ultrabooks for next year, and Dell also expected to join the Ultrabook party in 2012.

Netbooks may have had a good run in the last two years, but the cheap laptops have been dying a slow death thanks to tablets like the iPad and now the next class of lightweight laptops, the Ultrabook. The ultraportable is dead. Long live the ultraportable.