Dell has yanked the Dell Streak 7 tablet computer from its online stores, quietly acknowledging the failure of the Android device to catch on with consumers as the company redirects its tablet focus to combination work/play products.

Word of the Streak 7's disappearance follows by a few months the death of the Streak 5, which debuted in summer 2010. The dual-core processor-powered Dell Streak 7 became available in January, marketed as a 4G wireless tablet via T-Mobile's network.

Dell has said the devices can still be found at some retailers and that a 10-inch model is available in China.

Dell Streak devices were considered something of crosses between tablets and smartphones, as their screen sizes made them significantly smaller than popular tablets such as the Apple iPad. One Nielsen survey released in early May pegged Dell Streak's market share at 3%, whereas the iPad had more than 80%.

Dell has recently rolled out a 10.1-inch screen tablet for business called Latitude ST, and it runs Windows Phone software. Dell also plans to roll out tablets with Windows 8 software on them. Dell will compete in the business tablet market with companies such as HP and Cisco, which last week said it is working on a Cius tablet with a screen larger than 7 inches for next spring. 

Dell currently is directing customers seeking the Streak tablet to its smartphones, such as the Dell Venue devices, which come with Android or Windows Phone software.

Perhaps the most memorable thing about the Streak will be a Dell marketing stunt gone awry in February that landed a couple of Dell employees in hot water with the law.