Details have been revealed of Apple's latest mobile operating build, due officially for release next month.

Apple iOS 4.2 will be available for iPhone and iPod touch, while iPad users will enjoy multitasking, folders, printing and more for the first time.

Apple Insider reports, citing 'people familiar with the latest iOS beta,' build 8C5115c contains several significant changes, including an updated version of the modem firmware.  

While iOS 4.2 disables some features present in AirPlay on iOS 4.1, bugs still exist with the beta developers note. AirPrint functionality sometimes prints images and documents at the same size of the iPhone screen, rather than full-sized.

17 new SMS ringtones have been added, including Calypso, Choo Choo, Sherwood Forest and Tiptoes, while the Connect to iTunes recovery screen now uses the new CD free iTunes 10 icon.

The update also includes the second beta of iTunes 10.1.

Apple iPad

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