A developer has posted screenshots of what he claims to be Google's new Maps app for iOS 6, currently in alpha.

Forbes notes that while there has been no confirmation that these images are legitimate, "what he suggests about the new app makes sense".

The developer lists the following points: It's vector-based; it's got two-finger rotation; it's super fast; and the 4in height of the iPhone is supported.

When Apple launched iOS 6 the update didn't go down too well with users. Unfortunately, the Google Maps was replaced with Apple's own, flawed, Maps app, and many iOS users are still desperate to get Google’s Map app back.

Forbes adds that the new app is said to incorporate Google Earth.

Developer Ben Guild appears to be using the leaked images to promote his own app, which he describes as a "map of Apps, being used nearby".

Google appears to be in no hurry to update its maps, however. Eric Schmidt suggested Google was waiting for Apple to make the first move and has “not done anything yet” with regards to getting its Google Maps back on the iPhone. However, according to New York Times sources, Google does intend to build a Google Maps app for iOS.

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