The iPhone rumour juggernaut just won't disappear, with news this weekend claiming the device will be sold free of network ties. founder Kevin Rose made the claims this weekend, observing the new device to be "small as s*it".

He also claimed the device (which Apple has neither confirmed, nor denied, actually exists) might ship with two memory capacities and without any network ties.

Users should simply be able to pop the appropriate SIM card into their phone for it to work. The phone will have a slide-out keyboard.

Many users of mobile phones with music features eventually reject the music playback because it heavily impacts on battery life. To get around this, apparently, Apple is putting two batteries into its phone: one for the music-playback iPod side, the other for the phone itself. There will only be one charger.

He claims two iPhones will ship: a 4GB and an 8GB model, costing $249 and $449 respectively.

You can watch Rose make his claims (while he relaxes with a drink) here.

Rose's latest iPhone prognostication joins a long line of rumours. Apple-watchers hope to see the reality behind the hype perhaps as soon as January 2007 at Macworld Expo, San Francisco.