DigiPoS, billed as a leading hardware and solutions provider for retailers, has launched its mCommerce ecosystem, called MobileShopper for Apple's iPhone.

The MobileShopper application promises to combine online shopping with the in-store experience, and is aimed at propelling retailers into the future the company insists.
The application encompasses a full range of retail touch points, including: ecommerce, store locator, coupons, loyalty, advertising and promotions, price verification lists, in-store navigation functionality, and a facility, which allows the shopper to use their mobile to shop at home using the integrated scanning tool.

"Up until now technology in retail has always been designed with the retailer in mind, making their jobs easier," said Ian Patterson, managing director EMEA at DigiPoS Store Solutions.

"Our MobileShopper app focuses on the emergence of the ‘new shopper’. I believe that the mobile phone will have the same impact on retail that the ATM once had on the banking sector. Mobile devices empower consumers to search, shop and checkout – the flexibility they offer will undoubtedly improve the overall shopping experience."


The company adds MobileShopper will be: "free for consumers to download, and retailers will pay £1 per download, there will also be a monthly retainer fee for the middleware gateway server application. Additional functionality is available based on the specific needs of the individual retailer."

MobileShopper will shortly be available from the Apple iTunes App Store as a free application to shoppers, followed by Google Android and Blackberry smartphones, DigiPoS adds.