iPod users should soon be able to acquire a device that lets them listen to digital radio while they are on the move.

Manufacturer Roberts Radio and digital technology company Frontier Silicon are developing the UK's first DAB/FM peripheral for iPods.

A report on Broadcasting Now states that the gadget will be egg-sized, cost £49.99 and seems set to launch this autumn - with support of digital radio trade body, the Digital Radio Development Bureau.

This news emerges as component supplier RadioScape recently released new software offering iPod support across its range of DAB modules, the RS220 Media Pack.

The software works with RS220 modules and adds an MP3 decoder with ID3 tag support, a WMA decodeer and drivers that let the module link up to some memory cards. It also includes an optional iPod control interface, making the appearance of a wave of iPod-supporting digital radio products in future very likely.

“Increasingly, consumers are expecting digital radios to be capable of playing back their MP3 and WMA files," said Phil Smith, senior VP Sales at RadioScape.

Meanwhile one of the first iPod-integrating household digital radios recently made its debut on the UK market, the Eton Sound 102 (£139.99).

Available in black, white or silver, the 3-watt Eton Sound 102 offers both DAB and FM radio coverage, a remote control and an iPod docking station. Features include an alarm clock, snooze times, station pre-sets, a large LCD display and a large tuning knob.

Other digital radio integrating products are already available from a selection of manufacturers, including: Meridian (the F80, which carries a hefty £1,500 price tag), Onkyo (the £269 CS220), and Panasonic (£199.99 gets you the SCNS55DBDBS DAB, but the iPod dock will cost extra).