Miglia is offering new and improved software to existing owners of its TVMax+ solution. The TVMax+ solution enables owners of Apple TV and iPods with video playback to record television directly to the iPod/Apple TV video format.

The new software is being offered as a free upgrade to existing customers who purchased a TVMax after 19 January.

The software enables your TVMax or TVMax+ to capture and encode video in real time, in either MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or DivX, meaning users don't have to wait for the device to export media in a format suitable for an iPod or Apple TV.

TV Max+ users simply need to record their video and at the end of the recordings the file is ready to be synced.

The device lets users record all video to their iPod or Apple TV (through iTunes), can record television shows directly to iTunes and can use the device to digitise their VHS tapes to DVD using real time MPEG-2 compression.

The software is also available to purchase for £29 from Miglia's website. TV Max+ costs £149.