CD-burning application Disco today shipped as a final release version. The application won Editor's Choice on the strength of trials of the previously available beta version.

Disco 1.0 for Mac OS 10.4 offers a simple interface designed to make it extremely easy for users to burn CDs and create backups from most popular applications. Steps smoothly glide into place and progress bars pulse as the user moves through the workflow.

The final release of Disco introduces many improvements, features, and fixes, such as a redesigned disc-naming system, fully rewritten Discography database engine, improved Unicode support.

Disco's available CD-burning tools include full multi-session support, audio burning, disc erasing, multi-file system support, one-to-one disc copies, VIDEO_TS burning, motion sensor support, and more.

The software also supports 'spanning' – allowing users to span large amounts of data over multiple discs.

Another feature, Discography, seamlessly tracks all burns and lets users search through tens of thousands of previously burned files to find out what disc they are on.

Disco is available now and costs $14.95. A family pack is available for under $30 and a ten-user pack for under $90.