Disney has made an estimated $123 million in sales of video through iTunes.

The estimates follow comments this week from Disney CEO Bob Iger, who claimed his company has sold four million films and 40-50 million videos through iTunes since it made content available through the service in 2006.

Silicon Valley Insider estimates this equates to $123 million. While this may be a drop in the ocean of Disney's high 2007 digital revenue target of $35 billion, sales are easily sustainable, imposing no marketing costs.

However, Disney sources are disputing these figures, saying: "Our total revenues as a company in 2007 were $35.5 billion. Our estimated digital revenues for fiscal year 2008, which is what Silicon Alley Insider was trying to extrapolate an iTunes number from, is $1 billion."

Without the marketing and manufacturing costs associated with physical released, most all the income is supplemental to Disney's core business units.

Iger said Disney is still searching out new ways to adapt as people make more use of technology for entertainment acquisition, while ruling out a purchase of AOL.