The CEO of Disney is taking an interest in Apple. Bob Iger has recently purchased Apple shares to the tune of $1 million.

He bought at a good time, the stock has lost a lot of its value in recent weeks, although it appears to be on the up again. Last night AAPL closed at $561.70.

The purchase of Apple stock came a week after Iger sold $17.9 million worth of Disney stock, reports Apple Insider.

This isn’t Iger’s first batch of Apple shares. He also purchased Apple shares a year ago, also $1 million worth, when the stock was at $375.

Iger was also given $84,000 in stock when he joined the board at Apple last year.

Iger’s Apple holdings are minute compared to late Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ ownership of Disney shares. Jobs became the biggest shareholder at Disney after Disney bought his company Pixar in 2006 . Jobs as Disney’s largest shareholder, owned about $4.4 billion of stock back in 2010.

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