Disney is entering the consumer electronics business with the launch of iPod speakers and a range of LCD TVs through its Disney Consumer Products division.

Products are inspired by some of Disney's popular brands, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and High School Musical.

"We are seeing kids and tweens quickly follow the adult market in terms of technology. Gone are the days of boxy TVs and CD players. This year, kids will be looking for flat screen TVs and iPod compatible speaker docks with great sound, and our new range is very much on the forefront of this trend," said Chris Heatherly, vice president of global electronics for Disney Consumer Products.

The Disney iPod compatible speakers are Made-for-iPod compliant and available in High School Musical and Hannah Montana styles. The docks include an iPod compatible/personal media player dock, a digital AM/FM alarm clock radio, and speakers.

The High School Musical style is bright red and resembles a school locker. The purple and silver Hannah Montana speaker comes in two designs - the standard design with iPod compatible/personal media player dock and digital AM/FM alarm clock radio, and a second design featuring a guitar amp with microphone and guitar inputs.

The new Disney LCD TVs offer 15-inch Sharp LCD screens and digital television reception. The designs are inspired by some of Disney's biggest hits, for example, The Pirates of the Caribbean model has a base resembling a ship and is topped with a skull and crossbones and Pirate flag.