Walt Disney this week confirmed it continues to enjoy strong sales of its television shows and films through iTunes.

Company CEO Bob Iger confirmed the company to have sold 23.7 million episodes of its television shows and an additional two million films through Apple's media service.

In November 2006, Iger confirmed Disney to have sold 500,000 films and 12 million television show episodes since such content reached iTunes. Disney hit 1.3 million films sold in February.

Top-selling titles include Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean, Iger observed.

“We continue to view the broadband-enabled internet as an important entertainment medium, and our creative and technological investments in Disney, ESPN, ABC.com are designed with that premise in mind.”

Iger also confirmed Disney to be satisfied with iTunes prices – the company makes as much from an online sale as it does from a physical one, he explained.

"There are cost of goods that are factored out of the iTunes sale, which allows them to sell at a lower price. That’s their decision and it allows us to take revenue out that is equal to, in terms of a per-click sale, store sales. So, yes, we’re quite comfortable with iTunes," Iger explained.