Walt Disney World has replaced turnstiles with iPod touches in its Magic Kingdom theme park, Apple's Steve Jobs reportedly 'loathed' Google at the time of his death, and iOS tops Android as the mobile gaming favourite.

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Walt Disney World replaces turnstiles with iPod touch

Walt Disney World has begun a trial program that sees traditional turnstiles replaced with Apple's iPod touch.

Visitors to Florida's Magic Kingdom Park will now be greeted by Disney 'Cast Members' who will scan tickets using an iPod touch paired with a special accessory case and accompanying software.

As noted by Apple Insider, Disney's use of the iPod touch is reminiscent of Apple's Retail Stores, in which employees also use special iPod touches to check out customers' orders.

Apple's Steve Jobs 'loathed' Google

According to a report from Bloomberg, late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs loathed Google.

"At the time of his death, Jobs had come to loathe Google, which he felt was copying the features of the iPhone while withholding a key feature of Google Maps that allows smartphones to dictate turn-by-turn directions aloud," reads the report. "Jobs also discussed pulling Google search from the iPhone, but figured that customers would reject that move, according to two former executives."

Apple replaced Google Maps with its own mapping service when it released iOS 6 last year, a move that was greeted by wide criticism when it was discovered that the Maps app had many inaccuracies and flaws.

Google Maps was made available on the iOS App Store in December, sparking a 29 per cent boost in iOS 6 adoption and amounting to a total of 10 million downloads within 48 hours.

iOS tops Android for mobile gaming

US consumers prefer to play games on their Apple iPhone rather than smartphones running Android, according to research from Arbitron Mobile that was published by research firm eMarketer this week.

Based on a study of 12,000 Android, iPhone and BlackBerry users, Arbitron found that 85.7 per cent of iPhone users played games compared to 76 per cent of Android device users.

On iPhones, consumers spent an average of 743.1 minutes per month playing games, whereas Android device users spent 484 minutes.

eMarketer believes that the number of mobile gamers in the US will grow by 43 per cent by 2016, to a total of 174 million.

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