Digital Lifestyle Outfitters has revealed the latest iteration of its TransDock system for cars – ushering in support for playback of iPod media on in-car video systems.

This support means users can keep passengers entertained by playing their iPod movies on their car's video screen, while the soundtrack is played through the vehicle's stereo system. 

The product design has also been updated with the addition of interchangeable faceplates, so you can more easily match the device to your car interior.

"One of the most requested car accessories today is an in-car entertainment system, whether factory-installed or as a separate, portable device," observed DLO vice president of product development Garey De Angelis.
TransDock offers a cradle to hold your iPod in place while recharging it from the car accessory adaptor. It also offers full control of bass, treble and volume settings directly from the car's console (when used with compatible systems). The system holds up to four programmable presets to help users jump to commonly used FM frequencies.

The device costs $99.99 in the US, UK pricing hasn't yet been revealed.