Despite 'no comment' from Apple, EMI and Paul McCartney Monday night, numerous reports are suggesting The Beatles will finally be available on Apple's iTunes Store later today.

Steve Marinucci, Beatles Examiner is one of many reporting the story claiming: "The note, sent by someone who they say has a friend who works at Apple Computer headquarters in Cupertino, said ads were currently being made up there for the Beatles on iTunes. Our "source" said "They're selling all 13 studio albums in a box set" (which we take to mean as a package or could be an indication the information is totally wrong) and that "They have special gift cards and posters. It looks awesome. Everything is in black and white."

The delay has been blamed on many factors, not least McCartney's fears that a digitised back catalogue would lead to widespread online Beatles piracy.

This is despite The Beatles being pirated on every dodgy Warez type site for years, along with literally thousands of bootleg recordings.

Long rumoured, the deal makes more sense than ever with The Beatles classic 1970s compilations 'Red' and 'Blue' re-mastered and back in the charts, in the windows of HMV and on supermarket shelves.

Along with the extensive reissues in 2009, that's pretty much it for now as far as rehashing, sorry rereleasing old material goes. Let's not forget John Lennon has just had a similar back catalogue reissue and new box set thanks to Yoko Ono.

Apple's splash page announcing: "Tomorrow is just another day that you'll never forget. Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes," is meant to be a visual clue The Beatles are coming.

The iTunes ad reportedly resembles the iconic sleeve from 1965's 'Help,' the clock faces resembling those of George, John, Paul and Ringo. At least Paul McCartney hands correspond with Apple's announcement at 3pm UK time today. Here's a doctored version on Flickr. Not convinced? See for yourself below.

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