The Loop's Jim Dalrymple (previously of Macworld) has this week shared his predictions about what's in store at Apple's 10 June WWDC keynote. He expects that there won't be a new iPhone or iPad unveiling at the event, but that iOS 7 will be the talking point of the event, with new Macs and OS X announcements too.

Dalrymple, a well-respected Apple insider, believes that WWDC is not going to play host to the launch of the next-generation of iPhone and iPad because "these are Apple's flagship products and they demand separate events."

He expects that Apple will show off new Mac products at its 10 June keynote, because, while the Mac is still an important part of the company, "I don't know that Apple would hold a special event for a Mac product anymore," he explained. "If they did, it would have to be quite a spectacular product."

The biggest announcement, and the one that will create a buzz among Apple watchers, will be iOS 7, says Dalrymple. It has been rumoured that iOS 7 will be flatter and more minimalistic under the leadership of Apple design guru Jony Ive, but Dalrymple notes that it might not be as much of an overhaul as people think. He does, however, believe that iOS 7 will be "more of a modernisation of the look and feel of the operating system."


Dalrymple highlights OS X as one of the most interesting parts of WWDC for him. "We have shifted our attention away from the Mac operating system over the past few years, but part of what we have come to expect from Apple is deep integration with all of their products and services."

"That's what I'll be watching for at OS X," he adds. "The continued integration between iOS and OS X, through apps and services, like iCloud."

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