A new service co-founded by DVD Jon will let users copy and use music purchased from the iTunes Store on non-Apple devices.

As reported by Reuters the infamous Norwegian hacker's doubleTwist service will simplify things to make it east got consumers to use their audio, images, photos and video on different computers, phones and devices.

Users can drag-&-drop copy protected media to other devices using the web. The software converts files between formats and iscapable of side-stepping Apple's copy protection software. It does so by fast forwarding a track while re-recording the audio so the sopng can be exported to other devices.

"Users can only play back the music they have already purchased and they are authorised to play," said Monique Farantzos, 34, doubleTwist's co-founder and chief executive.

The service only allows users to convert songs they legally own and only allows friends to listent to tracks so converted, the report explains.

As Reuters puts it, the company bellieves it is straddling the line between copy protection technologies and fair in a manner in which it doesn't encourage file-sharing.

The company said that Apple is not aware of what it has put together, but said it expects no legal repercussions.