Edinburgh's Telford College recently moved to new purpose-built premises, and quadrupled the number of installed Macs.

The college enrols 22,000 students each year and has 650 members of staff, a new Apple profile report explains. When the college moved from its 1960s buildings to a new purpose-built learner-focused accomodation it chose to leave all its old computers behind.

This meant it got the chance to invest in new technology. Where it had 60 Macs of various types, it now has 160 Mac desktops (mainly iMacs) and 35 MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

The move has been very well received, Michael Turpie, associate principal of Information Services at the college explains: "People email me all the time thanking me for the Macs; they particularly appreciate the spec and the performance.

"It's a modern building and the Macs look very much at home in it; they stand out for all the right design reasons. Students take notice of them because of the way they look - it draws them in. We've had so many converts".

Read the full report here.