Editors Keys has joined the MIA (Music Industry Association), becoming an official supply partner. Over the coming months, Editors Keys will be working to support schools, colleges and universities to help develop young creative talent.

Joining with the MIA will allow Editors Keys to take part in organised charity events, further develop business ventures as well as having a say in local and government issues regarding how the music industry is run.

Editors Keys is looking to develop is their 'creative editing in schools' scheme, which will see the company away over £250,000 worth of its dedicated editing keyboards and recording equipment to schools within the UK and US. Editors Keys will be giving away editing keyboards to help speed up the workflow of audio/video productions and recording studio equipment to allow students to record their own project inside and outside of school hours.

"I think we can really help the young people, by offering the tools which will allow children and young students to break down the boundaries set by using complex programs. If we can help just one child develop a great song or video project by offering our products, then we could steer young people into exciting new positive futures," said Mark Brown, Company Director Editors Keys.com.

The new scheme will launch within the next three months and Editors Keys is calling on the support of other media companies and training facilities to donate time and/or products to help the regions students.

Mark Brown, Company Director Editors Keys.com

Editors Keys is a Manchester-based developer and producer of adhesive shortcut sticker sets for leading creative programs such as Premiere, Photoshop, Final Cut, Avid, Pro Tools, Cubase and Logic.

Along with specialist shortcut editing keyboards, Editors Keys supplies studio microphones and recording equipment, for home users, as well as production companies such as Universal, ITV and the BBC.