McGraw-Hill Higher Education has introduced EZ Test, which lets educators put together multiple choice quizzes across subject areas for use with iQuiz and the iPod.

Teachers can use EZ Test Online to create and deliver multiple-choice or true/false quiz questions using iQuiz for iPod. EZ Test Online combines high quality content with the ability to prepare and deliver tests to students in a variety of ways.

To set up and deliver a quiz to students via iPod, instructors simply press the iQuiz button in EZ Test Online to export a quiz ready for use with iQuiz. Once students download the quiz into their iPod, they can use the interactive iQuiz to practice and learn the content specific for their course. Students can quickly self-assess and receive their quiz scores instantly.

"McGraw-Hill continues to adapt its content to the latest technologies, providing new and more interactive ways to enhance instruction and student learning, and help drive academic achievement," said Jeremy Singer, president of McGraw-Hill higher education digital products.

"The content that McGraw- Hill offers through EZ Test Online and now iQuiz is just one more example of how we're developing learning solutions that meet the needs of students, regardless of their different learning styles."

EZ Test Online gives instructors access to hundreds of textbook question banks and millions of questions when creating their tests and quizzes.