Eleksen, manufacturer of textile-based iPod controls, has joined Apple's 'Made for iPod' scheme in a move that's likely to kick-start the market for iPod-compatible clothing and textile-based accessories.

The company announced the move today. Effectively, taking this step means third party manufacturers who want to create products for iPods that use the textile-based controls will no longer have to negotiate with both Apple and Eleksen.

In future, third party manufacturers will be able to source their Apple Made for iPod licence, connectors and Eleksen technology directly from the firm.

"The agreement allows Eleksen to manage end-to-end the licensing process with third-party apparel and soft-goods accessories developers. Previously customers had to negotiate the acquisition of the Made for iPod licence and purchase of the iPod standard connector directly with Apple and independently of their negotiations and developments for Eleksen's ready-to-integrate iPod product offering," the company explains.

Eleksen can now work with manufacturers, designers and retailers in the apparel and soft-goods segment to acquire the rights and technology they need to launch iPod accessory products.

Robin Shephard, CEO of Eleksen, explains: "With Eleksen in position as a one-stop shop for customers interested in designing products for iPod we'll be able to streamline the process and expedite their delivery of products into this market."