Apple has just aired a new television advert for the iPhone starring tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. Unfortunately the advert promotes Apple's Do Not Disturb feature, which failed to turn itself off over the New Year period.

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The advert shows the tennis stars playing a game of ping pong with the narrator, who is describing it as "a really cool dream" and continues to say "I don't wanna be disturbed". The advert then goes on to outline Do Not Disturb as a feature that prevents the phone from disturbing you when you sleep, unless it's really important.

The narrator finished by saying "disturbing this would be... wrong". 

Apple's ad has somewhat comical timing in that Do Not Disturbed failed to turn itself off over the New Year period, and is preventing the iPhone from giving users alerts full stop. 

Do Not Disturb is a convenient feature, added in iOS 6, that lets you configure specific hours during which your iOS device won’t bother you with phone calls, text messages, or notifications. So, for example, you can configure your iPhone to keep quiet between 10pm and 7am, regardless of whether or not you’ve muted the phone using the Ring/Silent switch. (Do Not Disturb does not affect alarms set in iOS’s Clocks app; however, it does suppress alarms from third-party apps.).

Apple has had trouble before with New Year's Day. Last year, non-recurring alarms set in the Clocks app didn’t go off on January 1. That bug allegedly affected only the first three days of 2011.

You can watch the new Apple Ad in the video below.