EMI CEO Eric Nicoli warned the mobile industry that it should learn from Apple during his CTIA Wireless keynote speech last night.

Looking at the iPhone, Nicoli praised Apple for developing products are technologically advanced, easy to use and well-integrated.

A report on ZDNet shows the EMI head honcho slammed mobile incumbents for not listening to their customers, saying: "Apple makes stuff that people love to own. They love the simplicity and user-friendliness of the iPod and iTunes. Apple doesn't employ any sorcery or dark magic to achieve this. It listens to what consumers want. And that shouldn't be Apple's unique privilege."

Nicoli wants the mobile industry to shape up – fast – it it wants to benefit from the much-expected growth of the mobile music market.

He pointed out that resolving issues surrounding digital rights management (DRM); interoperability and ease-of-use are critical for existing incumbents to succeed – and customers must come first, he warned.

"We will not reach our goals if we carry on as we have been doing," he said.

Nicoli stressed that music and mobile companies must experiment and develop services and devices that consumers want and enjoy using.

He also suggested his firm may be wiling to repoen negotiations to serve up music without DRM, "the status quo is not an option", he explained.

The mobile music opportunity will fail if all concerned don't act together, he warned.