New regulations in Europe will put a halt to out-of-control bills for mobile Internet use while roaming.

The new rules require mobile operators to offer customers a cut-off limit. When customers roam, the operator must send them a warning message when they hit 80 percent of the limit. Once they hit the limit, customers won't be able to use mobile Internet services on their phones or laptops.

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The cut-off limit can be for any amount the customer chooses. Customers who do not choose a limit by July 1 will get a default €50 limit.

Exorbitant roaming bills have been an issue in Europe for years. The European Commission cited an example of a German traveler who in 2009 received a bill for €46,000 after downloading a TV show while roaming in France.

The commission has limited the fees that operators charge each other for roaming customers who use data to €1 per megabyte, a fee that will fall over the next two years. That falling fee is expected to reduce charges to end users for roaming Internet use as well, the commission said.