Conflicting reports leave speculation wide open as to whether Apple will introduce a 3G-capable iPhone when it launches the product in Europe.

One report claims the O2 mobile network is deploying support for the EDGE standard as used in current iPhones across its infrastructure.

With O2 widely-reported as likely to have achieved an exclusive contract for the distribution of the product in the UK, some see this news as an indication that the first-generation European iPhone won't support 3G.

Another report muddies the water. According to an advertisement that has emerged online and was reportedly leaked from T-Mobile in Germany, iPhone will support 3G and will ship in November.

The ad also claims the device will boast up to 16GB of memory, rather than its current 8GB maximum capacity. Visual Voicemail and the 2-megapixel camera will remain unchanged.

However, the ad also contains some errors - referring to the iPhone as an iPod in one instant – hinting that it may not be legitimate. The 3G iPhone is set to cost €499 according to that source.

Apple hasn't yet announced any European release date for the iPhone, beyond its consistent promise that the device will ship in some territories here in the final quarter of 2007.

Many industry observers anticipate that Apple will announce its European plans at Apple Expo Paris, the European Mac show which takes place between 25-29 September.