The move to online computing continues, and now a new online storage service has revealed itself to Mac users,

A UK-based company, Ewedrive is aimed at consumer users, offering a range of useful features and an innovative price tariff structure.

There are no monthly subscriptions. Fees are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis, so users can buy disk space for as little as one week from just 5p per GB or get unlimited storage space from £1.90 a week. There are no file size limits or extra charges for data transfer or bandwidth usage.

File transfer is built around the drag and drop capabilities of WebDAV, natively supported in Windows, Apple and Linux computers, so no software installation is required.

Ewedrive also offers a browser-accessed online file manager, through which files can also be dragged-and-dropped, and including features such as tagging and private/public file sharing.

File transfers are secured over 256-bit SSL across both WebDAV and the browser. This level of security leads the service to claim "not even a user's own ISP can snoop on uploads and downloads between Ewedrive and their computer".

Ewedrive also offers a remote download manager. This allows users to download and save files from file-sharing services directly to their online drive. Archived files can be unRARed and unZiped on-the-fly, too, enabling users to decompress and stream audio and video to a media player without downloading it to a local computer.

"The aim of Ewedrive is to encourage people to look at online file storage differently, and, given its feature set and simplicity [it's] more than capable of holding its own against other more established players," said company CEO Paresh Morjaria.