Wondering what you'll be paying for your Apple products after the VAT increase on Tuesday 4 January?

We've done the maths, and it turns out that you could be paying an extra £15 for the 64GB iPad with 3G and the 32GB iPhone 4 could cost an extra £13.

You won't be paying much more for iPods, potentially £1 extra for the shuffle, £7 for the 64GB iPod touch. The Apple TV could now cost £2, at £101.

The MacBook could cost another £18, the MacBook Pro may add between £21 and £40 to the price. The MacBook Air looks set for an increase of £18 for the entry-level 11in model, and £29 for the top of the range model.

The Mac mini is likely to cost £13 more, or £19 more for the server model. The iMac increase is likely to be between £21 for the entry-level model, and £35 for the Quad-Core iMac.

The Mac Pro could see an increase of £43 for the Quad-Core, and £85 for the 12-core model.

In the 2010 Emergency Budget the Chancellor announced an increase in the standard rate of VAT from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent effective from 4 January 2011. The VAT change should only add a few pounds onto the price of Apple products, but Apple may also decide to take the opportunity to re-price goods in line with pricing around the world, reflecting exchange rate changes.