Elgato has updated its EyeTV software, introducing Leopard compatibility and extensive support for new features in the Apple OS.

The free update (EyeTV 2.5.1) will auto-update next time EyeTV is launched. It adds support for the key new Leopard technologies: Quick Look, iChat, and Spaces.

Television shows recorded with EyeTV, which are stored in the EyeTV Archive folder on the Macintosh hard drive, are now browseable using Cover Flow and recordings can be started and played directly from within the Finder using Leopard's Quick Look technology.

The new software also lets EyeTV recordings integrate into video iChats, with playback controls and the possibility to add one's own audio commentary.

In Leopard, software applications that are dedicated to certain tasks can be grouped into their own Space. In EyeTV 2.5.1, playback windows for live television and recordings can be set to float across all defined Spaces, so that they are visible even when switching between environments.