Facebook is hatching plans to take on MySpace, reports claim - and may reach a deal with Apple's iTunes service as part of the power play.

This news emerges as Facebook became the fastest-growing online property in the UK, with unique visitors to the service climbing 18.3 per cent in August, reaching a total of just under nine million. That's 2,167 per cent growth since September 2006.

A report from PaidContent.Org claims Facebook is working on an artist music platform which will be launched later this year. Artists and labels will be able to build artist pages, and supply widgets for music promotion, gig scheduling, and more.

The service will feature the existing iLike service, but will also include iTunes widgets for listening to 30-second song samples, eventually allowing for purchases through Apple's music service.

"Facebook will have an actual deal with Apple, though it is conceivable down the line it could start selling music through the artists' platform," the report claims.