Facebook is working on fix to resolve some issues iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users have noticed with updates since jailbreaking their devices.

Writing on Facebook the company notes: "If you have a jailbroken device, you may have experienced problems with our latest updates. We've identified the issue and have an update with a fix coming soon. Thank you for your patience."

Facebook The news, posted on Friday has already attracted 1,053 comments on Facebook.

Among them is Carlo Rene Vizcarra, who writes: "Just updated mine to 3.2.2. Having problems with Chat, it always shows "No Online Friends", while my Cousin and my Mom was online. And if I type anything on chat, the messages are not displaying on the conversations, and if there's a new chat message, it will not display, unlike before, even if you have have not yet opened the current conversations, the chat message displays already, so you will be notified that there's a new chat message. Hopefully, this issues will be fixed ASAP. I have not experienced anything like this on previous versions. Thank you so much. Let's just wait guys."

Marcus Naumburg adds: "The most annoying thing of all is that i get all updates/new messages and such on my iphone. and im not even logged in.. and as i cant log in, i cant watch em.. and as i cant watch em.. i GET CRAZY LIKE THE HULK CRAZY! (actually im sitting here all green with my clothes in pieces and roaring like a mad man)."

The latest update 3.2.2, posted on 23 August may have fixed many of the bugs highlighted in the Facebook comments thread.

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, Facebook for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is free and requires the iPhone 3.0 Software Update or later.